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itr return for salaried employee


ITR filing for salaried employee on Loans4dreams.com is easy and simple process. We are here to provide to best and suitable filing solutions. Our Tax assitant and CA are there for your every queries for itr filing.

ITR Filing for Salaried Emloyees on Loans4dreams.com why you should choose us

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We Loans4dreams.com provides Income Tax Return (ITR) filing services for all types of salaried employees in India. It is a completely online process wherein employees don’t need to go anywhere, they just need to upload the required documents. Our team of qualified CA’s will evaluate & file accurate ITR according to the information you provide at the earliest. ITR Filing for the salaried employees by loans4dreams.com is an easy and simple process which is also a CA-assisted return filing.

Process of Filing Income Tax Return

Start the method by ascertaining your primary source of income. during this case, for salaried employees, the first source of income should be via salary. For all such individuals, tax returns are often filed online with the assistance of the ITR-1 or the SAHAJ form. However, the utmost income for the assessment year 2019-20 for ITR-1 has been capped at Rs. 50 lakh or less.

Do note that initially, please confirm you’re registered on the e-filing website and have correctly updated your PAN and Aadhaar number there. For best results, please confirm that your telephone number is linked to your Aadhaar card – this may be extremely useful for e-verification within the end. you want to also link your checking account to the present site – just in case you’re alleged to get any amount back from the IT department after filing your ITR, the quantity is going to be credited to the present account.

The SAHAJ form this year comes with some new columns and schedules. to urge details of investments, deposits, and payments made during the extended period till July 31, 2020, so as to say deduction under Chapter VI-A or for rollover of investment in FY 2019-20 are often found under the new Schedule DI

The ITR-1 Form

The majority of the knowledge required to be filled within the ITR-1 form are going to be pre-populated. for instance , you’ll notice that information on your profile, salary, TDS is already available. Having said that, the knowledge must be doubly verified by the tax payee before submission.

Other information which will be needed from this assessment year may be a more detailed salary break-up within the ITR-1 form. Exemptions under Section 10 like allowances and any details of perquisites got to be mentioned here.

Despite being a salaried employee, if you’ve got additional sources of income like rent from property or interest from bank deposits and savings bank accounts, then these details are to be filled within the form too. you’ll get this information using the shape 16 from your employer and therefore the form 26AS from the tax website.

Salary Components

All the components of your salary package must be clearly mentioned within the ITR-1 form. This includes any standard deductions that minimize your overall tax liability. Employees with salary because the primary source of income will need to indicate the entire value of perquisites, exempt allowances, profit in lieu of salary, and the other deductions which will be applicable as a part of your entertainment allowance and professional tax.

House Income

Even though you’ll be a salaried employee, the tax returns also take into consideration income from properties. the govt of India allows for up to 2 properties to be considered as self-occupied. If you own quite two properties, the remaining ones are going to be accounted for as “deemed to be let out”. you’ll be required to pay tax on the rent or potential rent received from these properties.

Capital Gains

If the worth of the property exceeds Rs. 50 lakhs, tax guidelines require the landowner to deduct TDS at the speed of 1%. However, there has been an amendment made to disclose these details by the vendor within the ITR form.

It is mandatory to disclose the customer information of PAN details is quoted or if tax is deducted by the customer within the documents. Name and PAN information of the customer, property address alongside percentage share and therefore the amount must be disclosed within the form.

Other Income Sources

Other sources of income will need to be declared fully. These include incomes earned on interest, bank account, fixed deposits, and income-tax refund which is categorized under the income-tax head “other sources”.

Residential Status

If your job requires you to undertake overseas travel frequently, then you’ll even have to submit information on the number of days that you simply have spent abroad. you’ll be susceptible to pay tax as long as you spend a complete of 182 days or less within the country during a given fiscal year, or 60 days or more during a fiscal year, and three hundred and sixty-five days or more during the preceding four financial years.

How Income Tax Filing Process Works at Loans4dreams.com

itr filing for salaried employees by loans4dreams.com



Documents Required for ITR Filing to Salaried Employees

i)    FORM 16 – The Salaried employees or Pensioner’s Form 16 .

ii)   ID and Password of the ITR Website if you have it otherwise we will make a new passport for it with your help.

iii)  Apart from the above documents we may need following pieces of information or documents for decreasing your tax if required as mentioned below:

  1. Mobile No. link to Aadhar
  2. Email Address
  3. Bank Account details (if filing for the first time in service) – First Page of Pass Book pic or canceled cheque photo
  4. Bank Interest – Interest on Bank FD (Fixed Deposit) and saving account interest if any (mention both separately)
  5. Computation of capital gains or loss from shares or mutual funds.
  6. Computation of capital gains from the sale of the property.
  7. Interest certificate from Bank if having Home Loan (Principal & Interest Amount to be mentioned separately)
  8. Savings/ Premium Paid under Section 80C like life insurance, medical insurance premium, ELSS, Tuition fees for children, etc.
  9. Miscellaneous – Donations, Gifts, Education Loans, etc.

ITR Filing Charges for Salaried Employees

                The charges depend upon the category of IT Return and the time it consumes to file as shown in the chart below. These charges are indicative and may be increased if more work and time it takes than generally anticipated. There may be separate charges for any rectification or other ITR-related work other than simple filing.

Category of IT Return

Service Charges
(18% Gst)

Individual with income from Salary/Pension only, Rent from one property, Normal HRA Calculation (ITR -1) Rs 500/-
Individual with income from Salary/Pension, Arrear Calculation, Deduction Calculations, etc. (ITR -1). If more work and time-consuming charges may increase Rs 750/-  
Individual with Salary, Calculation of capital gains from property, shares and mutual funds, rent from more than one property (ITR-2) Rs 2500/-
Professional & Freelancers Income Rs 2600/-


 You can get your ITR filed completely online simply in a few steps as mentioned below:-

1)            Go to the Homepage of our website www.loans4dreams.com and click on Whatsapp Icon.

2)            Upload all scanned copies of documents and all related information mentioned above in this article.

3)            Our Customer Care Executive will chat with you on WhatsApp or call you for any query.

4)            Your income tax returns will be filed within 1-2 days from our team of qualified chartered Accountants & the same will be intimated to you through SMS & Email.

5)           After the successful filing of your ITR return, you will be required to send our service charges online and we will share an Acknowledgement and ITR Copy for your reference.

Important Note:-

1)            Kindly send all the documents at once only and not in parts and pieces. The ITR filing time is a very busy period for us so it is difficult for us to arrange all the documents sent in parts.

2)            We do not play any role in getting your refunds timely or early since the ITRs are being filed online. It largely depends on how early you file your ITR and your ITR Verification is done either by e-verification or your physical ITR Verification reaching CPC, Bangalore at the earliest after signed by you.

3)            We are fully responsible for the correct filing of your ITR on the basis of your given information and data. Our role is limited to that function. It will be assumed by us that you have all the supporting documents in original which may be required by the Income Tax authorities for verification like investments, saving certificate, insurance documents, etc. which you send to us for filing your ITR. Its correctness also remains your sole responsibility. You may have to produce proofs in case of enquiry by Income Tax Department as no attachments are allowed with IT returns since it will be filled online by us.

4)            You may have to pay a penalty of late filing imposed by the Income Tax department if you filed after the due date i.e. 31 Jul 2022 or may be declared by Income Tax Department.     

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to file income tax return online for salaried employee?

It is very simple and easy process to file income tax online with loans4dreams.com, you just have to visit our visit or contact us then we will take care of all for your successful filing of iITR Return

What is the last date for filing an income tax return?

The last date for filing income tax return is 31 Jul 22

How much is the penalty for filing Income Tax Return after due date?

The ITR Return filing charges after due date is Rs. 5000

Is it necessary to file income tax return in India?

Yes it is necessary and compulsary to file ITR Return even if there is no tax deduction for the particular year